Health Benefits of Shavasana Corpse Pose

Health Benefits of Shavasana Corpse Pose

Many people consider Shavasana (Savasana) corpse pose as a relaxation posture during the yoga class. In Sanskrit you can find  शवासन śavāsana, corpse pose.   There are plenty of health benefits of shavasana or corpse pose and tips for this yoga pose to make balance of  your body and mind. Health benefits of Shavasana or corpse pose are recognized scientifically. If the body was stretched muscles required rest for normalisation of oxygenation that’s way  Shavasana is a best for that.

Benefits of Savasana (Savasana)

  • relax body, central & peripheral nervous system
  • develops body awareness
  • helps to develop prayahara
  • removes stress, fatigue, depression & anxiety
  • improves blood circulation especially if done after main asana sequence
    helpful by constipation, diabetes, mental disorders
  • increase concentrative ability
  • beneficial for balancing excessive vata

Contraindications of Shavasana (Savasana)

Despite of benefits of shavasana there are some important contraindication that we should consider before performing this posture like:

  • spine problems that not allow to feel comfort in this yoga posture
  • people with hiperacidity, gastritis, esophagitis
  • some people with kapha constitution
  • hyperanxiety mode that person could not relax in this pose

How to perform Shavasana (Savasana)

  • lie down on your mat flat and separate your arma and legs, arms should be 15-20 cm apart from the body
    your palms should be facing upwards and fingers placed in chin mudra
  • put pillow under your neck or head to be in more comfortable position
  • close your eyes and feel total relaxation of every muscle
  • head and spine should be straight
  • stop all movements of your body
  • concentrate in between your eyebrows in the point of ajna chakra ( third eye)
  • concentrate on your belly breathing, inhale deep and exhale long, observe mentally the movements of your belly, how it goes up and down
  • see how your breath become more rhythmic and relaxed
  • remove all mental tensions and make your mind free from attachments, worries, fears and tenstions
  • in 10-15 min (if you are doing this posture) at the end of the asana sequence or in 2 min ( if in the middle of it ) become aware of your body in the mat, open your eyes, observe surrounding area
  • feel contentment and happiness in your mind

Breath for Shavasana

Deep long inhalation and count till 5, long exhalation and count till 5.

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