Abhishek Jaiwal (Manager)

Abhishek Jaiwal

Abhishek is responsible for all administrative, housekeeping & management work of Vedansha. He is M.B.A. Specialist in Marketing & Management from Rajasthan Vidyapeeth. He started his work as a medical representative in international Astra Zeneka Company in 2001. Had experience as a sales manager in Phyto Pharma where he was working till 2007. Since 2009 till 2012 he studied management administration in Univercity Dehradun. Since 2012 Abhishek joined to Vedangas and was responsible for organisation houskeeping, event and custom service. Since 2017 he starts his work in Vedansha. He is responsible, open minded, easy going and very positiv person. He is always ready to help to solve any problem.