Dr. Swati (Yoga Teacher, Astrologer, Ayurveda Specialist)


Dr Swati

Physician, specialist in Internal Medicine

Dr Swati is a Yoga Teacher, medical astrologer, ayurveda specialist 

Period Achievements
1984  Born
1992-2002 Secondary school Jaipur
2002-2008 Graduation as a doctor, Lucnow University
2008-2011 Graduation as a Specialist in internal medicine, Lucnow University
Since 2011 Starts to practice yoga
Since 2011 Work as a medical doctor in Haridwar
2015-2017 Education for Ayurveda medical doctor, Kottakal, Kerala, Ayureveda Vaidya Shala, 
2016 Certified yoga teacher according yoga alliance USA , 200 Hours, visit of spiritual himalayan places Badrinath, Kedarnath, meet Master Dr Pandey Ji & helped to establish his Institute
2015-2017 Open International University for complimentary medicines as Doctor of medical Astrology
Notes Speaks english, sanskrit,  hindi.

My aim as a teacher to guide the student gently in his educational way, not disturb but at the same time show the beautiness & ability of vedic science for someone who wants to change his life in order to connect with himself.