Monique Flak (USA)

Vedansha was one of the best experience of my life! I learned more than I had ever expected. In one month I felt benefits of yoga that I had never felt before. The teachers are absolutely amazing and educated. The food is amazing and I started to make it on my own now at home! Yogi diet! The whole property feels like home and is very peaceful plus hot water and toilet paper. Oh and my roommate was awesome! I was going to travel my second month in India but I loved Vedansha so much I ended up back there for the remaining 2.5 weeks of my trip till the day I had to go home. I felt true contentment for the first time and I found my yoga family there. Coming back home I am more grounded, more community oriented, more productive with my time. I am maintaining better health and relationships. I can find my center with ease and my life is more balanced. I really really hope you find the magic I did! I hope you feel contentment and peace! If your doing teacher training I hope you soak it all in and give back to your community when you get home! It’s priceless what I received! Much love.