How to be spiritual with Yoga?

How to be spiritual with Yoga?

How to be spiritual with yoga? Many yoga practitioners start to perform yoga only as a physical culture. However yoga is lifestyle and it has very deep spiritual background. If you wish to make Yoga as a part of your life, either being a yoga teacher or regular practitioner. Following instructions will help you to understand how to be spiritual with Yoga.

1.Wake up early

The best time to wake up is between 4 & 6 am. Why? Because this time called in Sanskrit “Brahmamuhurta”, means best or auspicious time. This is a time when life force energy or Prana dominates in the air. By performing the practice at this time (what most of true Yogic are doing) you will get quick and maximum benefits from the practice (achievement of stability of the body, spontaneous retention and calmness of mind).

2. Practice Yoga daily

As soon as you start to integrate asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra in your daily schedule, you will see that fatigue, anger, laziness, excessive sexual, eating desires, depression will disappear. How? Because you will be able to control your actions, mind and desires. People will start to admire your confidence, calmness and will be interested how you reach this state of mind. Many problems with job, relations, life dissatisfaction will never come in your life.

3. Daily Pray

It is very important to integrate pray in daily life. It can be sanskrit pray or any other pray in any language. Pray will increase your intellect, calm your mind and make you more resistant to the stress. It can be christian, orthodox, Muslim or any other pray. If you choose the sanskrit mantras, it is important to repeat them minimum 108 times each. It is mentioned in ancient texts that Mantra starts to work by recitation from 108 to 21600 times) There are variety of Mantras: from Om, Om Namah Shivaya, Gayatri, Guru Mantra till recitation of big slokas.

How to be spiritual with Yoga?

4. Nourishment

Try to implement “sattvic” meal in your daily schedule. It preferable to consume well prepared vegetarian or vegan meal like grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs supplements, that will not increase sadness, anger and excessive sexual desires. Try to reduce spicy meal, coffee, too much sweets. Do not overload the stomach. You can eat 3 times daily. Make your meal your medicine and do not consume food for enjoyment. Non vegetarian meal is not a bad thing and we do not want to push anyone to skip it. But people with non-vegetarian menu usually have more diseases problems and have less effect from yoga practice especially pranayama and meditation. Contemporary research and ancient texts shows that the energy channels of those people are not pure and it required more time for getting effect of well being.

5. Give up bad things

As soon as you will stop smoking, taking alcohol, join bad company, abuse people you will see magic things that start to happened near you. People will start to attract towards you because of light. purity & calmness that you will start to radiate with. Try to develop positive qualities and help others.

6. Fast regularly

Fast on Ekadashi (11th day of the lunar day (tithi) of each of the two lunar phases) or in any other day. Like Christians on Sundays or Muslims on Fridays. Live on milk and fruits on these days only. It will be very helpful for purification of your energy & physical body. At the same time it will also increase your inner peace and harmony.

7. Do charity

Try if possible to perform some charitable work in form of donation or help others without getting profit for it. It will remove your EGO and makes you more peaceful. It is very important to be able to serve others. It will also remove many past karmas and will make your life easier.

8. Observe Antar Muna and discipline of Speech

Try to speak only truth. Be honest with yourself and others. Never condemn or discourage. Do not raise your voice or shout. Practice silence for few time daily, minimum 1 hour. It will help you to understand better yourself and see where you need improvement and support.

9. Never hurts anyone

Control your anger by love, forgive others. Follow the non-violence or “Ahimsa”

How to be spiritual with Yoga?

10. Reduce your desires

Be happy and try to smile always. Make your life contented. Avoid unnecessary worry. Be mental detached. Live simple life and have high thoughts. Share what you have with others

11. Keep a spiritual diary

It is beneficial to perform self analysis daily. It will help to hear your self needs, understand mistakes and follow healthy lifestyle.

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