In the search of Shambala or Why Rishikesh is popular for Yoga?

In the search of Shambala or Why Rishikesh is popular for Yoga?

In the search of Shambala or Why Rishikesh in popular for Yoga? Shambala translated from Sanskrit as a “place of peace and harmony”. Shambala described in ancient vedic and Buddhist texts as a hidden and sacred place where only pure souls are leaving. People there are happy, balanced. Only absolute harmony dominates in Shambala. Many hundred years scientists and even simple spiritual lovers try to search this place. Some people decide to start their journey in India – in the world capital of Yoga – Rishikesh. Let’s see what is the connection of Shambala, Yoga and Rishikesh.

In the search of Shambala or Why Rishikesh is popular for Yoga?

In Kalacharka – ancient vedic texts you can find information that Shambala is a birth place of Kalki or last reincarnation of Lord Vishnu that should be happened in future. In some texts you can find the description of Shambala as a physical or subtle place. It means physical place of Shambala can reach only people with special karma, in mental state it can be reached in deep state of concentration or meditation. Shambala described as an island of freedom and light. This light will be required in war with dark forces. (greed, aggression, jalousie, physical war between the nations)

There is no exact evidence about physical position of Shambala however many scientists tried to search it and even some information published about it. However in many scientific articles this place referred to Himalayan Mountains and some other mountains group in Eurasia.

If we compare the information we can see that different authors describes Shambala in different places – Zhang zhung mentioned Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, Monglolians speak about south Siberia, in russian Altay mountains one mountain Belukha is a entrance. Some other scriptures spoken about Tibet that, Shambala located in deep Tibetan mountains hidden from all and protected by special guardians.

In some scriptures you can find information that Shambala located under the ground like a big city with many entrances. It can be explained that Shambala location described in plenty of places.

An ancient story of Tibet told that one day there was a young man preparing to search for Shambhala. After exploring the many mountains, he found a cave. Inside was an old hermit who then asked the young man: “Where are your goals so that you are willing to explore this deep snow?”

“To find Shambhala,” replied the young man.

“Ah, you do not have to go far.” Hermit said. “Behold the kingdom of Shambhala is in your own heart.

It means visiting sacred place of Rishikesh – the world capital of yoga could be helpful to find Shambala either in physical or mental plan.

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Mental Location of Shambala

If we speak about Shambala and Yoga Rishikesh we can see that in plenty of yoga schools You can find programs with special meditative practices that allow you to enter in deeper state of concentration, find peace, harmony ( what considered as a mental part of Shambala). But it’s not all, because by the activation of third eye and development of deeper state of concentration you can reach Samadhi. In Samadhi all hidden knowledge are open and if your karma allow you can get knowledge about physical location of Shambala as well. That will help you to develop more in your spiritual way. Even if you did not got the location of Shambala you will know the variety of meditation and concentration techniques. It will allow you to teach others or develop your own practice.

Physical Location of Shambala

In the search of Shambala Rishikesh popular Yoga is a full of magic and harmony. Some spiritual masters used to go to Himalaya and find the Shambala. But it’s not possible for everyone. People who are living in Shambala used to come in spiritual cities of Himalaya, observe good practitioners and share with them the way to that place. It means you should be so dedicated to this practice and serve the society with it that you will be chosen by masters who will be ready to share with you more knowledge. That’s way if you choose the spiritual path try to be strong and concentrate on your practice. 

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