Mudra in Yoga Therapy

mudra in yoga therapyMudra in Yoga Therapy still considered as a helpful tool for the health maintenance. Mudra as Yantra & Mantra were realized by the  yogis in deep state of meditation, when the yogi was in state of deep meditation. When the connection from the higher mind is experienced then spontaneously movement of the body also occurs. It is called mudra. The body adopted those form that is correlated with the state of mind of practitioner. Mudra is an intuitive response to the inner emotions. In ancient time Yogis gave the students those techniques that they can experience the high conscious state. Mudra can be described as a separate since as great effect of Mudra described for improvement of hormonal circulation, glands, inner organs and meridians. Regular practice of Mudras can make a consciousness more sensitive to the acceptance of the cosmic energy and unite with this.

Mudra translated as a “gesture” or “attitude”. It is just a tool that helps to connect physical body and mind, develop concentration, deepen the awareness. These types of tools help the mind to be focused and  stop to wander. It is also significant in sense of removing the negativity and obstacles in yogic practice.

Agni Mudra in Yoga Therapy

Yoga Mudras devided in 5 groups

Hasta Mudra (hands mudra)

Shirsha Mudra (head mudra)

Kaya Mudra (postural mudra)

Bandha Mudra (lock mudra)

Adhara Mudra (perineal mudra)

Some mudras can be practiced together with asana, pranayama or meditation, other considered as separate healing tools. Mudras should be ideally practiced in the morning, 4 to 6 am or during the hours before sunrise. Some mudras can be practiced in shavasana, some in sitting postures.

Here we would like to share with you some knowledge about Agni Mudra (gesture of the fire element). Fire or Agni located in the human body in the manipura chakra. It gives energy, willpower and stamina. When fire is balanced in the human body appetite, sleep, digestion, evacuation are balanced. To improve the fire and reduce problems with gastrointestinal tract Agni mudra can be recommended. At the same time it reduces the earth element that can create mental dullness.

How to perform the Mudra in Yoga Therapy

Place the ring finger on the begin of the thumb and press lightly. Other fingers should be extended.

This Mudra can be used for treatment of slow digestion, gas building, excessive sexual desire, lethargy, whole body weakness.

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