Yoga Therapy Teacher Training why in Rishikesh India?

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training why in Rishikesh India?

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training why in Rishikesh India? Yoga therapy teacher training is a different course from usual yoga teacher training. What makes the difference? Yoga therapy teacher training has an aim of individual health maintenance. If being as Yoga Teacher you will probably mostly teach group classes, in yoga therapy classes will be smaller and most time individual. Because your approach to deliver the yoga to your client will be different. Yoga therapy teacher training includes mix of physiotherapy, spiritual yoga practice, individual plan according client’s need depends on dominant disease. 

Firstly we recommend to complete the 200 Hours yoga teacher training. It will help you to understand the basic of yoga practice, anatomy, physiology, how to make sequence, pranayama, meditation. These all practice can be used like a tool.  In usual yoga class teacher is not focused on requirements of particular client. In Yoga therapy you will learn

yoga therapy teacher training rishikesh india

1 postural assessment. It is very important to be able to assess the postural defects, that can be helpful to align the energy flow

2 understand the influence of particular disease on this body and soul. Here is necessary to understand the basic pathophysiology of the disease to be able to adapt the particular practice for disease

3 how to communicate with health professional (ask, provide information about your client).

4 how to modify the therapy program according to clients requirements

5 how to correct the nutrition and provide a purification of the body and mind

6 how to control and follow up the client

All these can not be given in usual yoga ttc as there is so many specific information that required much more detailed plan of learning some aspects of medical science, physiotherapy, advanced spiritual & chiropractical aspects.

Its a good idea to do Yoga therapy teacher training in Rishikesh – the world capital of Yoga. You can get all necessary knowledge in therapeutic, spiritual, medical, communicative  aspects. You can also proceed with 800 Hours Yoga Therapy teacher training, that can be done in Rishikesh as well. At the end you will have international valid certificate of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapy)

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