Christmas Yoga Retreat Rishikesh India – what’s new?

Christmas Yoga Retreat Rishikesh India – what’s new?

Christmas Yoga Retreat Rishikesh India – what’s new? The winter time is full of magic and nice expectation. If you wish to spend this time usefully, take care about your health, enjoy the warm weather and meet new friends – then it is a very right time to visit Rishikesh in India.

Christmas is not celebrating in India as they have another festival that called “Diwali” for that. But because of many foreigner clients visit India at this time, indian people also starts formally celebrate Christmas also.

Christmas Yoga retreat is a very beneficial time for practicing yoga and ayurveda. Why ? According to the ayurvedic Ritacharya – seasonal regime, winter time considered full of Vata, and represents dominance of air element in the environment and body. As air element is responsible for cold, influence on bones, spine problems, pain, many people have problems with joints, spine pain. At the same time Vata or air element can increase worries, mental tensions, nervous problems. It means in winter time is a suitable time for reduce Vata influence.

It can be done with the help with special yoga practice, ayurvedic massages with special vata types of oils that can reduce Vata,  herbal medicines to balance Vata Dosha. At the same time ayurvedic and yogic menu, kriya practice will support effect from the practice. The result that you will get is the effect on physical & energy body.

In physical body you will experience light feeling, your skin will be more smooth, if your purpose weight reduce or gain that will be possible to achieve. In energy body you could feel peace, harmony, balance. Anger, worries will be also reduced.

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