Detox Yoga Retreat and Panchakarma – what is the difference?

Detox Yoga Retreat and Panchakarma – what is the difference?

Detox Yoga Retreat and Panchakarma – what is a difference? Since some years the variety of detox programs increased worldwide. Many people used to take vacation for detox and relaxation. The combination of yoga, detox and ayurvedic treatment makes the most effect from the practice. But not everyone knows about the different types of detox programs in Indian that have different purposes. Not every detox program can be combined with yoga practice. In our center we created different programs that help our clients choose the program which can optimal combined with yoga, ayurveda and purification. Detox Yoga Retreat and Panchakarma – what is a difference?

1. Yoga Detox retreat

It is an optimal combination of asana, pranayama, hatha, ashtanga yoga, kriya, ayurvedic massages, herbal therapy & purification. Detox means removing of toxins from the body, it can be done with special mild purification that allows client to reduce weight or improve digestion, revitalize body and increase energy level.

All medicated juices, herbs are certified and can be used without problems.

yoga detox retreat and panchakarma - what is the difference?

2. Panchakarma retreat

Panchakarma in translation from sanskrit called “five” actions. It means five therapy programs that considers in ayurveda as deep detoxofication. These five main treatment features are

Vamana therapeutic vomiting or emesis

Virechan purgation

Basti enema

Nasya elimination of toxins through the nose cleansing with special oil or decoction

Rakta Moksha  detoxification of the blood with the help of bloodletting

Panchakarma is not suitable for everyone, as some of this practice is no need if person health is not much damaged or if person is so much weak that can not stand this type of treatment. Generally for Panchakarma is required separate single room as you will have need to stay alone in room for some treatments. At the same time you will be weak and wish to sleep longer. It will limit as well the ability to any activity like asana for example. That’s way prefessional and serious panchakarma can not be combined with much physical activity. If you feel enough power and wish to join the pranayama or meditation or philosophy its possible. But every client is individual that’s way the approach of detox program should be also individual and clearly assessed. But we do not recommend to do Panchakarma and yoga teacher training program. But its possible to add detox retreat to any educational training.

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