How to understand progress in Meditation?

How to understand progress in Meditation?

How to understand progress in Meditation? Many people talk about meditation and do it regular basis . But what is meditation itself, very rare people can explain it. Mostly they would say feeling of peace, calmness. But where is a difference if you performing the practice within 2-5 years. How to understand if you get progress or not?

Firstly need to understand what happened in meditation when you close your eyes? Some practitioners have difficulties to meditate even if position is comfortable. Here many of them mentioned that concentration becomes very difficult as different thoughts, worries, uncompleted tasks penetrated in mind. Usually this stage of meditation people find very boring and complicated, many of them just stop to do it. However its a time limited phase and more then 70 % of meditation practitioners could reach the . But many factors influence on the practice. The purity of personality plays a major role. “Purity” means the cleanliness of physical, energy body and soul. With physical body is clear, performance of  daily shower does well, but with the soul comes controversy. How to purify the soul and reduce EGO? The secret is in developing of detachment and actions for well being for others.

how to understand progress in meditation

How to understand progress in Meditation? It is required to be able to help others without benefit for yourself. Means taking care about someone who needs support. It can be simply family members or animals or friends, homeless people, sick people etc. If you start to take care about someone with dedication, you will get back grateful and sincere feeling. That will help you to purify your heart and realize that your presence in this world is required for someone else. And you can make happy someone else. At the same time you can start to do Jal Neti – special nose cleansing techniques that helps to make energy flow more clear. As positive energy will be increased in your physical body, it will also purify the energy channels and increase the perceptiveness of body and mind. It means as you will start to seat in meditation 3-6 month slowly you will cross the phase of disturbance and enter in next that called calmness and steadiness.  Almost everyone can reach it. It means when you will seat or lie down and perform concentration the phase of discomfort will not happened more and steadiness will appear. It shows the progress in meditation. In the next level you will enter in more deeper concentration state, it connects with “kumbhaka” or spontaneous retention. In meditation according 8 Limbs of Yoga we have concentration or Dhyana, then more deeper state is Dharana, means uninterrupted concentration. That Dharana will start when you reach episodes of spontaneous retention. Then this state will be longer, after that become more deeper and goes towards Samadhi.

The goal of all yoga practice is reaching of Samadhi. Deep, long and uninterrupted  state of concentration and meditation. Learn meditation from the source in meditation teacher training in Rishikesh India.


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