Principles of Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox

Principles of Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox

Principles of Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox based on purification of the body, balance of mind and alignment of energy. Food is a basic need of everyone’s life. Everyone wants to eat well, live in comfort. But our meal should be balanced, has enough nutritive value, cheap and easy available. Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox diet is easy accessible, cheap and healthy way of lifestyle. Nowadays there are so many ways of juice extraction that worldwide such type of detox is available. We will discuss how to combine yoga detox and juice therapy with modification and variation to particular region.

As every therapy Juice detox cleanse in combination with Yoga should be administrated individually and dependently from the health status of the person who is going to take Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox. Age, gender, height, weight, work style, physical practice, region, food habits – all these should be considered when you chose the juice therapy. There is a special calories value that every person should get according their lifestyle. That should be also considered in juice treatment. The meal should consist from enough proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats. Those should be also possible to maintain during Juice detox therapy. As a protein vegans and vegetarians can use nuts, mushrooms, cheese, milk products, beans etc Adult required 65-75 gr per day and not less then 40 g. Is it possible in Juice Therapy? Yes, possible. If cook or person who is guided the course have knowledge about it.

Principles of Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox includes also implementation of Carbohydrates – the main source of energy. Minimum of 100 gr per day person have to consume in order to maintain the proper balance. Fruits and vegetables have good amount of carbohydrates as well.

Vitamins like A, E, B, K, D can be found in fruits and vegetables as well.

Fats are also necessary part of daily meal. Without fat carbohydrates will not get completely dissolved. In Juice therapy it is a bit complicated, but we can add them externally. In some juices with the help of Milk it also can be adjusted.

Some principles of Juice Therapy and Yoga in Detox can be present here

Purchase best qualities of fruits & vegetables. As bad quality fruits can provoke some infections and cause indigestion

Wash fruits and vegetables before use. Peel off carefully as skin of the fruits and vegetables can contain pesticides and some heavy stuff.

Juice should be consumed immediately after preparation.

Seeds also have to be removed.

Carefully administrate the juice according to the health issues. In some stomach problems Grapes, Apple, Kiwi will be not indicated and can cause inflammation

Juices can be extracted from fruits as well as from herbs and vegetables. Some of fruits already juicy, some required a bit fluid mix before serving.

According ayurveda juice should be consumed before meal, 15-20 min, Better in lunch time as digestive power is maximal at this time

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