Next after 200 Hours Yoga Teacher training course: 800 Yoga Therapy IAYT?

Next after 200 Hours Yoga Teacher training course: 800 Yoga Therapy IAYT?

Next after 200 Hours Yoga Teacher training course: 800 Yoga Therapy IAYT? The growing amount of yoga teachers worldwide shows the tendency and interest to practical application of yoga. Yoga from routine fitness studio practice for wellness slowly moved towards the therapeutic for supportive treatment of chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, pregnancy, constipation etc. The worldwide interest to yoga is not a mistake or fashion. It is the time of power of yoga and its facilities.

Can yoga heal? Yes, but it depends on the stage of disease, level of alteration and duration. According to the ancient healing tradition the changes in physical body appears later in the progress of the disease. The first that get impaired is energy body. How to understand that energy body get problem? Mostly people will feel chronic tiredness even without physical and blood test changes, indigestion, desire to sleep longer, they become more aggressive. That is a first and minimal signs that something is going wrong. As a next step one or more diseases will appear in the physical body.

Where yoga can help? Yoga can prevent the disturbance of energy body and do not lead to impairment of the physical body. It is important to follow the regime of the meal, day routine, add physical practice asana, maintain the breath length by the pranayama and balance of mind by meditation. It is also possible to add some ayurvedic herbs for strength of the immune system like amalaki for example.

800 Yoga Therapy IAYT

If body already got disease that appears on the physical plan in form of particular symptoms, then first should be decided if any medical help is available for the treatment of acute phase of disease. After when disease left the body, supportive therapy in form of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation will be adjusted but it should not be given as a routine practice in fitness studio. It should be given the practice in therapeutic way that based on the hatha yoga. Here is a point where the yoga therapist is needed. This yoga therapist have to have particular special education with world recognized certificate of IAYT. Here is focus on education done on the preparation of the teacher who can not only blindly choose yoga postures but recognize which complex of therapy is required for the patient in rehabilitation and support.

The requirements for the admission in 800 Yoga Therapy IAYT are following

-completed 200 Hours yoga teacher training of yoga alliance USA

-one year teaching practice in yoga

-one year self practice in yoga

The education consist of 24 month and required residential practice and theory education in Rishikesh as well as guided practice on distance in own group or studio. Alternatively, if you have no teaching ability in your country you can do the practical part also in our hospital.

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