Benefits of restorative yoga teacher training

Benefits of restorative yoga teacher training

Benefits of restorative yoga teacher training can be seen in variety of conditions and situations where restorative yoga teacher can apply his/her knowledge. As yoga become more and more popular worldwide, people of different conditions and health issues attract more to the healthy lifestyle. For sure if you have as a yoga teacher aged clients in your class or clients who have physical limitations, you will not let them perform same flow as other healthy clients. How to understand  and choose the appropriate practice for every student according their physical limitations caused by old age or disease, without get them injured with receiving of benefit from the practice, – all these points is a part of restorative yoga therapy teacher training.

restorative yoga teacher training

After 35 years old the human’s body tends to have aging and particular changes. Bones lost minerals, the cells calls osteclasts destroys the bone and the amount of osteblasts that creates the bone structure become less. The muscles lost lean tissues and become more weak. The height of the person also tend to be shorter. The amount of fat in the body is going to be increased. Amount of synovial fluid is decreasing, that makes joints less movable. Ligaments are going to be less elastic,  it makes join feels tight. The movements become slower and more complicated. Such changes resulted in increasing of Scoliosis, Lordosis, Injuries, Disabilities, Traumas.

To prevent and reduce the influence of aging yoga can offer plenty of tools that combine ancient tradition of longetivity. Pranayama (breathing practice) can increase the breath length, oxygenation of  the blood. But not every pranayama is beneficial for the aged or disabled people. That is a part of the restorative yoga teacher training where we learn how to combine different pranayama techniques according to restorative style. In specific asana practice that based on hatha style and combined restorative approach with specific relaxation techniques.

Main part in the course pays to the correct breath, as restorative yoga required breath adjustment to asana.


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