Vinyasa Yoga – hidden healing benefits

Vinyasa Yoga – hidden healing benefits

Vinyasa Yoga become more and more popular worldwide, but its healing hidden benefits are not deeply explored. Vinyasa yoga is different from usual fitness yoga, it is a unique combination of work with mind, body & breath. Perfomance of asana done with vinyasas – particular variations and modifications. Each posture done with the breathing work. By this way practice is going more smoothly, easier and the supply body with oxygen increased. It leads to increasing of prana energy and healing of potentially weak places in energy as well as in physical body.

Vinyasa Yoga - hidden healing benefits

Vinyasa in sanskrit consist of two words “vi” – variation, “nyasa” within particular range”. Many people practicing asana in order to become more flexible, powerful, get stretched the body. But if we observe the classical yogic sutras we can found the purpose of perfomance of asana is a bit different. In patanjali yoga sutras we can found that asana practiced for

Steadiness (sthira). The yogi should be able to remain steady in the posture.

Comfort (sukha). The posture should be performed without much effort, pain, dissatisfaction and injury. It should be done by the way that after the practice you will feel deep calm and satisfaction.

Effortless Long Breath (prayatna sithila). The breathing or heart rate should not increase. In Vinyasa the breathing and movement should be slower. Practitioner adviced to inhale deeper and count till five for expansive movement for example by bending the body or stretching the arms and exhale while bend forward, or by stretching.

Vinyasa Yoga – hidden healing benefits contain in the way of breathing and performing of posture. By slower breath the stimulating effect to the brain will be decreased and the practice of asana can go towards the meditative state as soon as the energy body will be suspended.

So if your goal of practicing yoga is going higher in 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and achievement of minimum 6 th limb then Vinyasa yoga is beneficial for you.

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