300 Hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India review

300 Hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India review

300 Hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India review becomes more and more popular among already yoga teachers. As B.K.S Iyengar mentioned “The intelligence of the head and the intelligence of heart have to be coordinated in each motion and action”. Being a great spiritual master he clearly understood that yoga is not about flexibility but about the balance. What will you get if you subscribe for 300 hours yoga teacher training with us. Short review you can find here.

Before start the 300 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh we advice to have if possible some teaching experience to understand better what you expect and want to focus on in 300 Hours yoga teacher training.

Every school offered different schedule and specific points based on their experience and focus on point that is more developed by the master if that school either asana, pranayama or meditation.

As an expert in yoga we conduct variety of research programs and we were curious to know what our 200 hrs experienced clients expect from the 300 300 Hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh as many of them were interested to complete this course and become RYT 500.

Mainly the expectations in pranayama were unclear as 70 % of people had lower level of previous knowledge and education in that subject. Kumbhaka state was only achieved by 3 % that is very law.  In this subject practice was focused on more practical aspects in order to achieve Kumbhaka state or ”suspension” of the body feeling. In 300 hours yoga teacher training you can learn advanced pranayama techniques that based on spontaneous retention.

300 Hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India review

Asana is always a part of big discussion. Which style, how oft, what exact give? We are offering advanced and good intermediate level of Ashtanga yoga sequence, vinyasa practice and yoga therapy that based on classical hatha and yin yoga, because we believe that as a yoga teacher you will have to teach different styles by working in fitness club and giving Ashtanga yoga as well as E-RYT 500 focusing on individual therapeutic approach. For Vedansha teacher it is important that you can teach others correctly as classical vedic science described.

In Yoga anatomy, physiology we are focusing on advanced topics of meditation, gastro – intestinal tract, bio-mechanics of joins movement, breath alignment.

Additionally to medical part in 300 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh we offer 2 weeks of Ayurveda education by the certified ayurveda doctor who focused on lifestyle correction, dosha (constitution) identification, pulse diagnostic, daily, monthy regime, basics of herbal therapy.

For sure 300 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh review of adjustment and alignment depth in knowledge of alignment of the body that suffers from different diseases.

In meditation we are focusing on the bhakti yoga with yoga nidra, sound healing, concentration and deeper dharana practice. It is clear that Samadhi most probably you will not reach as it is less time, but deeper state of meditation will be possible to achieve.

300 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh review Shankaprakshalana practice – one of the most effective of yogic purification techniques. We recommend yoga teachers try this to know which effect to expect and if it will be beneficial for them. The practice based on stomach and colon evacuation with natural way. We used to do it once during the course.

If you wish to know what our former students think about the course read 300 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh review on our facebook page, google or tripadvisor.

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