All what you need to know about 800 Hours IAYT Yoga Therapy Course

All what you need to know about 800 Hours IAYT Yoga Therapy Course

All what you need to know about 800 Hours IAYT Yoga Therapy Course is described in this article. Being a certified yoga instructor does not mean you should stop in your professional development. Many yoga teachers are searching different options for further education and this course that IAYT offered is an excellent opportunity.

IAYT is world wide recognized provider of yoga therapy education. Previously it was only possible to complete the education in USA as this organisation based there. Nowadays its also available in Rishikesh in Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science. The process of education and certification on IAYT is a bit different from yoga alliance USA courses. But it offered profound and detailed education in yoga anatomy, bio mechanics of movement and kinematics, more then 100 of different diseases, yoga and ayurveda approach by both of them.

There are some conditions that the person has to fulfill in order to get admitted in this program:

You have to complete 200 hours yoga teacher training of Yoga Alliance USA

You have to have teaching experience one year and one year self practice.

If these both criteria are full filled you can proceed with application. The whole period of education takes 24 months and can be done completely in Rishikesh or partially in Rishikesh and at home.

Level I and Level II have to be performed in India and Level III you can decide if you wish to do in Rishikesh or in your community if you are teaching yoga at home. Level I has 31 days of theory and practice and based on learning of effect of yoga on different diseases. Same Level II takes 27 days and focus on diseases which not covered in Level I as well as ways of body alignment techniques. Some people who have already did before 500 RYT of yoga Alliance could get till 150 Hours adjusted in their 800 Hourse IAYT Yoga Therapy course. Level I and II can be performed either one after another or with difference of some month.

all what you need to know about 800 Hours IAYT Yoga Therapy Course Rishikesh

Question comes what is better to compete all courses in Rishikesh or at home. This is what every person have to decide self. Generally make sense to com in India for 2 months to complete the Level I and II, then start to work at your own studio or in studio where you teach on yoga therapy sessions. As soon as you get experience you will start to understand how it works you can proceed with on line classes and guidance of teacher in Rishikesh.

At the same time you can do the III Part in Rishikesh in our yoga clinic. You will work according holistic way with patient who needs yoga therapy session and ayurveda treatment.

After completion of the course your will have to perform  exam and get international valid certificate of teacher of yoga therapy.

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