200 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India: with and without yoga therapy?

200 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India: with and without yoga therapy?

200 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh. When looking to become a yoga expert, there are varying courses you need to take. The 200-hour yoga teacher training is a course on your journey in becoming a better yoga teacher. What can you learn under the 200 hrs training program and how can it benefit students?

Every country has its own standard of yoga teacher. Worldwide acceptable is Yoga Alliance USA certificate, most known that allow to teach others is 200 Hrs yoga alliance certificate, mostly given after 27 days of treatment. However in some countries there are own courses that allow to teach yoga also. Under the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher training course, there are different skills you will learn. You will also develop your mental and physical skills not forgetting the spiritual skills that allow you to connect with students and help them reach their goals. Completing the course means you will have the needed knowledge and skill to deal with at least every student that comes through the doors of your yoga studio. Some schools worldwide try to attract clients offer many additional extra classes like yoga therapy, ayurveda, dancing, singing, herbology, astrology etc Question is always – does it improves the quality of such educational course as it can be too much information in one session. Here is what 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with and without therapy course involves.

Introduction to yoga philosophy

Once you register and start the class, you will learn about yoga and its philosophies. The lessons will take you through yoga origin and styles you need to know. Why its important  – that you can understand and further explain your own students what is in the background of particular asana, why need to start pranayama with left side and not right, why is contraindicated to do chandra namaskar asana in some cases etc. That will make a future teacher in eyes of their client very professional and trustful.

200 hours yoga teacher training rishikesh india with or without yogatherapy

Help you understand yoga practice anatomy

Everyone  will learn human anatomy and how yoga can help interact with our bodies. You will also get to understand the physical, mental and emotional yoga effects to humans and how to use it to improve any situation that humans go through.  You also get to study the nervous, respiratory and muscular systems. Without yoga anatomy you can not understand correctly how to avoid the injuries and how to conduct courses by different client groups.

Know and practice different yoga styles

One advantage of enrolling in the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training program is its ability to help you learn different yoga styles and their importance. For example, the Hatha and Ashtanga Style are yogic styles that can help align your body and offer other benefits. Studying and practicing these styles and others will improve your skill. It includes different stretches and other yogic styles.

Know different teaching methods

200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training allows you to become an excellent instructor by helping you understand the principles of yoga and its guidelines. You also get to develop skills that help you prepare lessons and better regulate our yoga classes. Teaching methodology, asana alignment and adjustments can help the future teacher to design own yoga class as well as be able to adjust different postures and techniques to clients with particular body and mind limitations.

Correct breath

Unfortunately not many yoga teacher know the depth and importance of correct breath. Pranayama is not only boring practice inhale – exhale. Its an art. The main goal is not only correct performance but achievement of spontaneous retention. As longer it is as better, that mean you can extend your life when you not breath. Almost every person can achieve it by good preparation and correct techniques.

Yoga Therapy – Yes / No 

200 hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh India with and without yoga therapy is very good and sensitive question. If we look in roots of rules of yoga  alliance USA, it is clearly written that yoga therapy based course can not be certified by yoga alliance. That’s way it is not allowed in yoga alliance course mix much yoga therapy classes, however some important classes can be given. From another side yoga therapy is a huge topic and it can not be given in 27 days properly. What we saw, that if people have already 7 “MUST have” classes in 200 Hours yoga teacher training Rishikesh  and when added yoga therapy class people feel overloaded as from one side they want to have more information in this subject that is physically not possible in such a short time or they feel too much information and do not know on which subject need to focus on. That’s way we advice our students to learn good basis, practice minimum 1-2 months  and then come separately for next deep and professional course of yoga therapy.

Being a yoga teacher requires learning new skills and different yogic aspects. You also need to learn yogic ethics and embrace its dynamic. The 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training allows you to learn the basic rules and guideline of yoga and how to prepare for your first yoga student. They help you to learn different poses and use them accordingly.

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