Yoga Postures – what to do if they are not perfect?

Yoga Postures – what to do if they are not perfect?

Yoga postures are not perfect and far from standard? No worries. Being professionals we will share some tips how to find a solution. Yoga postures or asanas are only part of huge world of yogic instruments. “Instruments of what” – you will ask? Exactly, instrument of successful life. As we experience success with joy and happiness same our favorite yoga should bring us harmony and feeling of completeness.   Not everyone born flexible, strong with perfect body alignment. For sure not every person has an ability to do headstand or touch feet in paschimottanasana despite of that you can be a real yoga master.

Yoga Postures required daily practice

Its common, but yoga postures required a dedication, attention, time, concentration and feeling of joy. Even in shavasana (corpse pose) some people can not feel comfortable, it means you have to train your body of being stable and slowly increase the ability to hold the posture longer. Your muscles, ligaments, joints, blood vessels will get a little challenged and will show progressively the effect of stability. Even if you start to stay on one leg firm in Tadasana for 10 sec and will do it regularly means every day, you will experience already after 10 – 12 days that you can hold this posture much longer.

Yoga postures required adjustment

Nowadays you can find in yoga shop variety of adjustment tools like yoga wheel, straps, blocks, blankets, meditative pillows, Iyegar chairs, terra bands, sand sacks etc. Use them without any hesitation to improve your posture. Even if it will be not ideal yoga postures how “it must be” but it will be  much near towards the alignment of your own body. Remember, you have to work slowly and day by day improve the practice.

Yoga postures required concentration

Do not perform yoga postures mechanically to pay attention only to technical aspect. Let it go, flow. Enter in posture, concentrate on the feelings that you get during the practice, remember the point of maximum, count till 5,  and day by day increase this  interval. After 12-15 days you will see that yoga postures becomes meditation. This feeling will bring you satisfaction and that is a point where you become addictive to your daily yoga routine and start to implement it daily. After 6 month of regular practice you will enter in meditative state as soon as you inhale and enter in the first posture you will feel peace, comfort and protection. In this comfort zone you will come back again and again to find your balance.

Yoga postures required correct breath

“Long breath – long life, short breath – short life”, as our Founder likes to repeat, every yoga posture should be performed with breath, it will increase energy level and increase the possibility to get cancer. Enter in pose inhale, reach the pose, exhale hold some seconds, inhale come out from posture. This Principe called vinyasa yoga. By this way you will not only increase the alignment in posture but will allow more oxygen enter in blood cells, it means in yogic language –  your subtle body channels will be opened, energy can flow better and the chance that you will fall in deeper and uninterrupted state of meditation.

Here we can recommend some yoga postures that very often practiced in Himalaya and that can be useful for someone who wants to reach deeper meditative state

yoga postures


Adho-Mukha Svanasana

Baddha Konasana








Viparita Karani

Surya Namaskar


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