Ayurveda Cooking Classes

Ayurveda cooking classes is a new opportunity for many cooking passionate people. It’s not only experience of taste but the science of life. You will learn not only meal preparation but deep understanding or exact healing quality of the meal and how it can be applied in daily routine.

What you will learn in cooking class?

what is a principle of ayurvedic cooking based on 3 dosha theory

which food considered as sattvic, rajasic and tamasic and how to combine it

which ayurvedic spices can be used for cooking and in which case

how to cook  ayurvedic dishes and beverages for breakfast, lunch or dinner

how to cook according to season

how to prepare ayurvedic detox food and beverages

ayurveda cooking classes vedansha rishikesh

Our package for one hand-on training session consists of 4 hours course.

You will learn how to cook 1 salad with ayurvedic herbs, 1 soup with ayurvedic herbs, 1 main warm ayurvedic dish (curry), 1 bread, 1 sweet dish and 1 drink. Class is in english.

Price per person 1500 INR ( 23 USD )

The main herbs that we are using in cooking are:



-Basil (Tulsi)










-Mustered seeds







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