Bakasana Crow pose benefits

Bakasana Crow pose benefits

Bakasana or crow pose in yoga is relative intermediate and balanced posture. For sure the yoga class will not start from the bakasana but it can be good implemented in hatha or ashtanga yoga practice especially if you are searching progress in asana techniques. For people who experience difficulties in performing  crow pose some adjustment techniques as well as some tips from ayurveda can be adviced.

Bakasana or in some Sanskrit books you can find “Kakasana”, “Kak” means “crow”, belongs to the arm balancing posture, successful performance depend on your center of gravity. It means most of the weight comes forward on arms. That for sure required strong muscles, arms and healthy shoulder girdle. Before come in this pose we would suggest to master some yoga postures that can strength arms and give success in crow pose.

Here we can offer classical Surya Namaskar or Sun Solutation with good Down Ward Facing Dog, Dolphin pose, Dolphin Plank Pose, Side Plank pose. After Mastering this you can start to enter in crow pose.

Which benefits has Bakasana

improves balance and stability of the body

make stronger upper body – shoulders, biceps, triceps, m. latissimus dorsi, m. trapezius

it improves concentration and body gravity

it increase digestive fire, improves function of liver, pancreas and stomach

it brings effect of joy, courage and light

it improves the blood circulation towards the brain and can be used for treatment of Insomnia or sleep disorders

Bakasana crow pose benefits

What to do if Crane pose is not perfect?

Many people have a problem with weak arms, muscles, unhealthy shoulder joints? Here we can ask help of Ayurveda. As we know holistic and naturopathic approach.

Before that is important to understand which muscles, ligaments, organs are involved in performance of this advance posture.

Following muscles have to be strong as they get most of holding function during this posture – m.daltoideus in back part, m.rhomboidsm.serratus anterior that opens scapula, m.supra- and m.infraspinatus in shoulder joint.

M.Biceps, M.Triceps in arm part takes huge weight hold function. M. Psoas, M. Iliopsoas, M.biceps femoris – have to have good stretch before enter in this asana.

Remember that Bakasana should be performed after good warm up and in relative stable situation with joint function.

When you should not do Crow Pose?

By pregnancy especially after 8 -12 weeks

By high blood pressure (Arterial Hypertension)

By low blood pressure (Arterial Hypotension)

By stomach or duodenal ulcer

By Carpal tunnel Syndrome

By instability of Elbow or Shoulder joint

By Neck pain

By bronchitis

By low back pain and facet syndrome

By Ishialgy

By Arthritis  of arms joints





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