The literally meaning of the word Ashtanga is “eight-limbed”(eight-limbed yoga path)it is a system outlined in the yoga sutras assigned to the ancient sage Patanjali.

Those limbs are as follows:-


2.Niyama (determination to follow the rules or self-discipline)

3.Asana(the ability to sit unmoving with a straight spine for a long period)

4.Pranayama (control over energy in the body )

5.Pratyahara (attribution of one’s attention & thoughts)

6.Dharana (one-pointed focus)

7.Samadhi (complete absorption in the infinite)

8.Dhyana (steadfast meditation on the higher self)


Can Ashtanga Yoga practice by everyone?

Yes, anyone can practice it. A young man can practice it. An old man can practice it. A very old man can practice it. Man who is sick can practice it even a man who doesn’t have strength can practice it. But only a lazy man can not practice Ashtanga Yoga.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

It Improves Flexibility

 As like the most forms of Yoga Ashtanga Yoga is also improves your flexibility with the time. Yet, it is important to listen to your body and go according to your comfort

It increases your strength

Ashtanga Yoga contains sixty vinyasas which means the flow you have to perform between every posture. This thing builds a ton of strength in your core and increases your body strength.

It improves your muscles tone

When you perform yoga postures your muscles build up too. These exercises give your body a perfect body and toned muscles.

It improves your cardiovascular fitness

The regular & constant vinyasas between each pose keep your heart rate up during the, it works on your cardiovascular system also.

very much Helpful & effective to reduce fat

When you build more muscle and do cardio, you burn your fat .so if you are interested to reduce fat around your arms and stomach area, it’s a perfect style of Yoga for you.

It helps you to reduce anxiety and stress

When you learn the sequence off by your heart, you have to focus on where you’re placing your foot or hand then you need more awareness and concentration this brings you towards moving meditation & you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Control lower blood pressure & prevent injuries

Breathing practice known as Ujjayi is practice in Ashtanga Yoga which is very much beneficial to lowering blood pressure. Along with when you practice Ashtanga Yoga, you do develop a strong, flexible body that is much prone to injury.

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