Course FAQ

How can I be a certified yoga teacher?

You have to complete minimum 200 Hours of yoga teacher training according to international yoga alliance. It can be done in one time or separately like 50, 100 Hours in different time.

If I already did yoga teacher training in my country could I do less amount of hours in India?

If you have already a certificate of yoga teacher or some hours  from the school worldwide, we can reduce the number of hours during our training. This will be discussed individually. But you have to be capable to perform the exam according to our teaching standard even if you did less hours in Vedansha. 

What are the eligibility criteria for participation?

Your interest to learn Vedic science.

Successful payment of deposit.

In their own interest individuals with disabilities or ailments are advised to refrain from applying.

Minimum age at the time of admission is 18 years. Applicants aged over 60 years could applied after consultation with user e-mail/phone/skype/facebook .Contact us(make like direct link)

Pregnant women need a medical authorization permitting them to practice yoga from their own country with translation in English.

Any candidate found unfit after commencement of the course will not be permitted to continue the training and a refund of fees and other charges will not be admissible.

Which kind of exam I have to do at the end of the course?

According to our teaching standard you have to perform the written & practical exam in asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, yoga philosophy in order to get certificate of yoga teacher according to international yoga alliance USA.

What is a difference between yoga teacher training & yoga therapy teacher training?

Yoga teacher training course is the standard course that includes Yoga Asana, Pranayma, Meditation, Yoga Philosphy, Mantra, Ayurveda in daily life, Elements of Ayurveda. Yoga Therapy Teacher training is the course that concentrate more on the therapeutic application of yoga. We will explain common diseases and which asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra practice can be used by every of them. It does not includes basic skills in yoga and recommend to de done after 200 H Yoga Teacher Training. Please note, that Yoga Therapy teacher training course can not be accredited by yoga alliance USA according their standard. After completion of Yoga Therapy teacher training course you can get either Vedansha Institute Certificate of Yoga Therapy or be eligible for international recognized IAYT Certificate. Please discuss individually what are your requirements. 

What is a difference between yoga/Ayurveda/astrology teacher training and retreat program?

Teacher training is more intensive course that includes more theoretical & practical exercises (7 classes per day). . Retreat programs includes less theory and more free time (5 classes per day). In teacher training you have to perform exam at the end of the course

What is included in Detox retreat?

Detox program is a good combination of yoga & Ayurveda. It includes aura check up & naturopathic doctor consultation, taking of ayurvedic herbs & juices, 5 yoga classes daily, ayurvedic massages , steam treatment.

How many students attend the course?

We have 8 to 15 people in every class.

Is there any dress code for the Yoga class?

White & bright colored modest clothes is recommended to wear during the class

What is check in and check out time?

You course will start at the day of arriving at 13:00 PM and finished at the last day at 12:00 PM

Should I take my yoga mat with me to India?

Yoga mats, breaks, straps, blankets are provided in the yoga class

Do I need to have experience if I would like to participate in course?

We teach yoga from basic level, prior experience is not required

Do I have a free time?

yes you get a free time during breaks , Sunday is official free day

Is it possible to skip the class?

You can skip the class only if there is any emergency , kindly inform manager or teacher about the reason of it.

Accommodation FAQ

What are the accommodation conditions during the course?

You will stay in Vedansha Retreat Hotel. You will get the clean room with WC/Shower warm water, towels, toilet paper, bed sheets, pillow cover , neti kit. It’s comfortable european room facilities. We request our guests to be polite and don’t make harm to the furniture, garden and nature,  don’t drink alcohol, smoke and be loud after 22:00.

How does elecrticity works in Rishikesh?

Electricity works most of the time properly in Rishikesh, sometimes some disturbances are coming but we also provide electricity that you will never miss  it in your room. Electrical system is very simple in Rishikesh and is not so much powerful as in many west countries. Note that in Rishikesh at the day time light sometimes goes off. Don’t worry; it comes back relatively quickly in switch on mode. By any problems just ask about assistance. 

Is it safe to drink water in Rishikesh?

We provide filtered water free of charge during the course in Vedansha. If you plan
to go outside please take bottled water with you. Drink water from open areas is not safe. 

Does internet provided in Vedansha free of charge?

Yes we provide free of charge Wi-Fi in the whole area of the Institute. 

Can I change accommodation from shared room to private?

Yes you can change the accommodation according availability.

Do air condition included in accommodation price?

We have air conditioned rooms, but it’s limited so it is better to reserve in advance and request about ac room.

Can I live outside of the school and come only for classes?

Yes, you can come only for classes, in this case your payment will be reduced.

Can I stay with my partner/family member or friend even if does not participate in the course?

Yes you can stay together with your partner of friend even if they do not participate in the course. The price for accomodation & food only we will provide by request. 

I can come with my little child, is any baby sitting available there?

Yes, you will stay in this case in comfortable conditions, price in this case will be little bit higher.

We can also provide baby sitter for 1000 rupies per day.

Health & medications FAQ

What will be happened if I get sick in Rishikesh?

By any kind of sickness or injuries we are ready to assist you. We kindly recommend you to have an insurance for India, if you will need any medical care and treatment in the hospital the costs could be less otherwise you have to pay yourself for it.

If I take medications in my country can I find them in Rishikesh also?

If you can need medications that you take regularly in your country kindly arrange them with you. If it’s not possible most of medications are also possible to find here but you will have to pay for that. If you need some particular medications please ask us about availability before arriving in Rishikesh.

Do I need any vaccination before arriving in Rishikesh?

Hepatitis A vaccination can be recommended if you plan to take food and water outside Vedansha. In Vedansha all food is prepared in proper conditions and served always fresh. If you are not sure about vaccination ask your generalist about it.

Is it safe to eat outside the school?

Generally it safe, but we can not 100% be sure about it. Most Indian restaurants use more spices as in other countries. If you have any problems with stomach or sensitive to changes of food behavior we could recommend you where you can eat the food outside the school and what to say about spices.

Is it possible to get special meal if I have a particular sickness?

If you have any disease that required special meal and diet please inform us about it that we can arrange the best service for you. 

Do you provide meal for veagan?

Yes, vegan meal is available in Vedansha.

Can I smoke & drink alcohol during the course?

Smoking, drinking alcohol is not permitted during the courses. 

Which kind of medicine I have to take with me as a first aid kit?

We can provide you first aid kit but if you feel habitual to bring your own things we can recommend following:


  • First Aid kit
  • Immodium (loperamid) against diarrhoe  
  • Medicine for cough and cold
  • Pain-relieving medicines, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin
  • Your own medications that you take regularly
  • Tissues: Small packages
  • Disinfectant liquid (in hand-soap dispenser, very useful)
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Sun cream
  • Probiotics if you have troubles to digest spicy food
  • Band aids
  • Sun hut

Can I book any ayurvedic or yoga therapy treatment for myself on place?

Yes, we can arranged special holistic treatment on place. Price we can share with you on place.

Transfer service FAQ

What airport better to choose to reach Rishikesh?

Take a flight till New Delhi airport, from your country. You can take also from Dehli domestic flight to Jolly Airport in  Dehradun. Dehradun Jolly Airport is around 18 kilometers from Rishikesh. We can also arrange the taxi from the Jolly Airport or from Dehli airport

How I can come from Rishikesh to Dehli?

You can take a Taxi from Delhi airport. We can organize safe taxi till Rishikesh, it takes six to seven hours drive from Delhi airport and costs 5000 INR (Equivalent to 70 USD Approx).

You can also take Bus Service Delhi ISBT. Another best option is railways. Take train for Haridwar from New Delhi Railway Station and from Haridwar there are many transport facilities available to reach Rishikesh.

How I can come to Rishikesh from Dehradun?

You can come with taxi that costs 1785 INR (25 USD Approx) and takes 40 min. 

Is it safe to travel alone?

Generally it’s not dangerous especially for females to travel in India. We offer safe and female friendly taxi. By travelling in buses, trains try to wear modest clothes and do not abuse the local people.


What should I do to secure my place in the course?

In order to confirm your participation we request about depost of 3500 INR (Equivalent to 50 USD Approx) via werstern union or 4500 INR (Equivalent to 62 USD Approx) via credit card, paypal or bank transfer. The rest of the payment you can do on place in Rishikesh.

How I can register in the course?

You can send us inquiry & 3500 INR (Equivalent to 50 USD Approx) via werstern union or 4000 INR (Equivalent to 60 USD Approx)via credit card, paypal or bank transfer. Let us know what is suitable for you that we provide you details.

The deposit is non-refundalbe. In case of death of relatives or other reasonable emergency we can give money back, let us know about your problem. Otherwise you can come & participate during next 6 month without extra charges.

How should I pay rest amount?

We accept USD, Euro, british pounds, rupies, you can also take money from ATM. In case of payment in a currency other than USD or rupies, the amount will be calculated based on the exchange rate listed on xe.com on the day of the payment.

What are the pre-requisites and refund policy?

You have to have interest to learn Vedic science, personal work on body and mind and not only to spend vacation as on all inclusive resort. We are spiritual Ashram and do not allow following activity: eating non-vegetarian meal, smoking, drinking alcohol, abuse our Staff, show any type of sexual misconduct, manipulating, annoying other clients, damage the property, study material, interrupt teaching process.Any client who performs such type of activity will be dismissed from the course without deposit refund.

Individuals with disabilities or ailments, people who have any disease or unfit before the course are advised to refrain from applying. If you join course, and feel worse after this, we will help you to arrange all required medical help, but we will not allow you to continue the course and your payment will be not refunded.

Minimum age at the time of admission is 18 years. Applicants aged over 60 years could apply after consultation on vedanshayoga@gmail.com

Pregnant women need a medical authorization permitting them to practice yoga from their own country with translation in English

Any candidate found unfit after the commencement of the course will not be permitted to continue the training and a refund of fees and other charges will not be admissible.

Any candidate who decided to change the program after arriving have to apply for it in written form. If you decide to cancel the course after arriving we will  have to charge amount that covered our costs of 30 % of the course days as we reserve teacher, accommodation, meal prior to your arriving. 

This teacher training course requires educational abilities and the desire to study the program according to the standards of Yoga Alliance USA. Students are reminded to remain aware and respectful of cultural differences among the participants and teachers. Any disruptions to the teaching process or behavior deemed harmful to other students, teachers, or the institute’s property is in violation of the rules and policies of Vedansha Institute. Violation of the school’s policies may result in dismissal from the program without any refund of the course fees.

The teachers are not fitness instructors, most of them are spiritual yoga masters who have a completely different way of life and devotion to their practice. Some of them are monks, pandits in temples or swamis. They request you to please be polite and respect their work. If you find something that not suitable for you or for your faith or mentality, please do not put the blame on them. Let them know at the front desk, online or just discuss with Founder Dr Pandey Ji directly if you want any changes and what you find not suitable for you. In 99% misunderstanding will be solved in a good way.

The course language is English. Any other mentioned language is used for online communication and in some cases can be used in communication during the course on the place. If you wish to get a translator for any other language kindly request to ask about availability before booking. If a booking is done without the request of translation Vedansha have right to cancel the booking and refund the deposit. If translation will be requested on place Vedansha has right to dismiss the client from the course and do not refund the deposit. If a client request to arrange another school with appropriate language ability it can be done upon request if the school with this language is available in Rishikesh for extra costs.

The booking should be performed by the person who is going to participate in the course. If a booking is done by the third person (relatives, friends, parents etc) the direct participant should send Vedansha an email or scanned copy of confirmation that he/she acknowledge the program, rules and regulations of the organizer.

Deposit is non refundable. It can be refunded in some cases (death of relatives, close friends, serious condition because of disease of friends, relatives) after performing particular confirmation.

What is a local currency in Rishikesh & India?

Local currency Indian rupees are necessary for payments. US Dollars, Euro can be also accepted in the market, but not everywhere. You can change some money 50-100 USD/Euro in Airport that you have pocket money. It will be also possible  to change money in Rishikesh or withdraw from credit card in ATM (however after money change from 11/2016 there are some difficulties in little cities, means you can have the  situation when you have to visit some exchange points to change desired amount). Don’t worry we will help if you will need any assistance.

Foreigners traveling in India are allowed to take any amount of foreign currency, there is  absolutely no restriction on the amount of money you can take into India however, where  the value of foreign currency notes exceed US $ 5000 or equivalent or when the aggregate  value of foreign exchange including currency exceeds US $ 10,000 or equivalent. Then a  currency declaration must be made on arrival.

General questions FAQ

What clothes should I wear in Rishikesh?

Please note that the temperature during the day time can reach  till + 40 °   hat clothes that you take should be light cotton but better to cover legs and open part of the body especially if you travel alone. Rishikesh is holy place especially if you live or visit Ashram you will be request covering open part of the body because of respect to cultural traditions. If you plan to go outside especially evening time alone it will be also necessary because of security reasons. Rishikesh is relatively safe city, world capital of yoga and spiritual pilgrimage
but try to follow traditions of the visiting country in order to have pleasant and safe journey. Conservative dress code is recommended. In winter season warm clothes is recommended. During the excersises you can use sport clothes.

Is it allow to use the mobile phone in Vedansha?

You can use it in your free time but it’s prohibited in the class.

Is it possible to book tickets for bus, train?

Yes we can help to book taxi, tickets for bus, train.

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