How to choose Yoga School in Rishikesh?


How to choose Yoga School in Rishikesh?

Last 5-7 years the interest to yoga education in India is growing continuously. There are many affordable yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. However it’s really difficult to find the place that is suitable for your expectations for the yoga teacher training. Here are some tips how to choose yoga school in Rishikesh.

 Read advises that can be helpful for someone who decided to do his yoga education in India.

how to choose yoga school in Rishikesh India

Understand what type of Yoga you want to learn

Hatha or ashtanga yoga style or both?

If school is working according yoga alliance USA, it usually offers both Ashtanga & Hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. It makes sense to try all styles, to understand the  difference and choose the most suitable style for your further practice. Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine offers both Hatha & Ashtanga yoga styles during the education.

How many hours need to complete to be a yoga teacher?

How to choose yoga school in Rishikesh according amount of hours. The standard certified yoga teaching training course contains 200 hours yoga teacher training for beginners & intermediate level or 300 hours of yoga teacher training  for intermediate and advanced level,  covers subjects like pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, elements of ayurveda, mantra, asana according hatha & ashtanga style.

If you have not enough time you can do 100 or 50 hours of yoga TTC  and  when you have possibility –  continue the rest. The disadvantage of this broken yoga teacher training is – you can not get complete information at once and could forget somethings what was before, if time between two trainings is long. Vedansha

Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine offers from 50 hours yoga teacher training to 500 hours yoga training because we understand that not everyone has possibility to spend 4 weeks in Rishikesh. So you can every time continue and complete desired amount of hours.

how to choose yoga school in Rishikesh India__

Verify the following  points before you choose Yoga School in Rishikesh?

There are some schools that offer really cheap yoga teacher training, in others you can find affordable yoga teacher training.

Yoga in Rishikesh is a combination of ancient yogic tradition & authentic knowledge. In compare with other yoga places in India this considered to be the most pure and represents classical yoga style. Many teachers were grown in Himalaya and keep the yoga knowledge through generations. Real yoga master belongs to special yoga family with authentic name (gotra). This name is mentioned in special register book. The founder of Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine is a yogi in 7 generation and belongs to Bhardwaj Gotra.

Certification of Yoga Alliance USA

The respected yoga school in Rishikesh is certified according international yoga Alliance USA. It means that the quality of teaching there has a high level, programs are absolutely safe and secure. Before coming to India you can check if the school is certified for yoga training directly on the site of yoga alliance USA. Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine has  certification for 200, 300, 500 hour of yoga TTC according yoga alliance USA.


Check if the teachers are certified by yoga alliance or have other degree in yoga education. It can be also done on the site of yoga alliance. Many schools  post their certificates on-line. It will make your training safe, because only certified and experienced yoga teachers have knowledge of safety techniques in yoga training & contraindications of different practice by particular person.  All teachers of  Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine are certified, 4 of them has a scientific  degree in yoga and medical degree.

how to choose yoga school in_ Rishikesh India

English speaking staff

 During the yoga training in Rishikesh you will have to speak English most of the time. Be sure that people speak english well in yoga school to avoid a misunderstanding. Write email & call there to ask some questions, then you can estimate the expected level. All staff of  Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine speak English. Some staff speaks German, French, Russian, Hindi & Sanskrit.

Quality of knowledge

 Yoga in Rishikesh offered in the different way in every place. The common fact is – authentic yoga practice exists mostly in Ashrams – special spiritual places that continue tradition of yoga by performing of special art of yogic & spiritual practice. Yoga is not a luxury, most of time yoga that offered in big & luxury hotels is a wellness that is very far from real yoga TTC in Rishikesh. It will not make you harm, but also will not give you the authentic yoga knowledge. Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine has an own Ashram for yoga training.



 Before yoga training starts is important to know answers on many questions that related to accommodation, meal, schedule, classes, transfer, visa, insurance, fly tickets, special health conditions and requirements. Try to ask such questions and then you can estimate how detailed and fast you get the answer on them. Good and respected yoga school in Rishikesh will provide you maximal full information, you will have true feeling that they take care about you. Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine has 24 hours client support and will answer every your questions. We are even help to arrange visa and fly tickets for you.

Hidden costs

Cheap yoga teacher training is very popular in Rishikesh. The question is – if cheap is always equal to good quality?

In some places Yoga in Rishikesh is a business, because owners know that people who mostly come from west have money to pay. That’s way it’s recommended to ask detailed what is included in price, how much need to pay for single accommodation, if meal is included in a  free day in price, if toilette paper & soap, sheets & towels are provided, if all excursions fees will be paid by the school, if any taxes need to pay on place, if any bank commission by credit card paying is there,  if yoga mats and other things will be provided. It can save your money & emotions.

Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine has no hidden costs that you don’t know before check in for the course. We provide detailed explanation not only on site but in personal discussions.


Is also good and important question that are not payed much attention on forums. Firstly need to understand that meal in India is mostly Indian traditional food, that contains spices less or more, mostly it’s different from the meal that we are eating in daily life at home. Furthermore, the meal during yoga teacher training is vegetarian or vegan but very simple because yogic diet menu does not includes variety of things. All these factors make confused especially non experienced  visitors. Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine offers only fresh cooked international vegan & vegetarian meal. If you have any meal preferences by intolerance or disease it will be also possible to arrange.

Photos & Video

 People who are choosing the yoga school in Rishikesh for training want to know much information about teachers, teaching process & daily life. The presence in the social media with variety of pictures, video from classes, excursions is an indicator that school is client-friendly and open to give maximum information about itself that you can do right choice even sitting many km from Rishikesh. Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine publishes continuously not only photo & video material of yoga teacher training but also educational posts about yoga, Ayurveda, daily yogic life, astrology to provide follow up even if you are already a yoga teacher, to support you in the further practice. And it’s all free of charge. There is also a possibility of participation in on line classes & webinars.


 Yoga training is Rishikesh discussed much in internet. Not every review reflects the reality  because India is a country that is very much different from west. Sometimes guests from west country just shocked from poverty, trash on the roads, absence of punctuality and starts to estimate all together however the quality of yoga training itself has nothing to do with that. That’s way read some review about the school not only in one source but also look 2-3 different sites like google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, bookyogaretreats, topyogis. Don’t have fear, Rishikesh is a sacred place for pilgrimage. You will see  really much people that come here for special spiritual ceremonies. Sometimes it’s too noisy, too hot, too polluted but have a treasure of yogic knowledge that is possible to get for everyone.

Wecome to Rishikesh for your yoga teacher training!

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