Obstacles yoga practice

Obstacles yoga practice

Obstacles in yoga practice.  Yoga attracts more and more followers nowadays. People of different nationalities, ages, professions and religions try different styles of yoga. Some yoga postures are easy, sometimes people meet obstacles in yoga practice.

It’s not a secret that yoga is not an easy exercise, it’s a way of life or better to say it’s a practice that  can change life.  There are some obstacles that meet every practitioner. We can devide them on obstacles before and during the yoga practice.

Let’s speak about troubles that can be observed by the beginners:

‘‘I don’t know if yoga is suitable for me”

Sure, someone is not  flexible, not strong, not young, too old, not vegan, follows another religion … To tell the truth you no need to have any physical abilities  to perform yoga practice. Don’t think about these kind obstacles in yoga practice.

Yoga is not only complicated asana pose practice that you can see in media with acrobatic postures. The aim of yoga is developing of stability of body & mind. It can be reached by asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting. You can begin you yoga practice even alone at home with yoga video for beginners then you see that you also can do  it better in some time. If you train every day even 15 min your muscles will be stronger and you will feel desire to do for feeling balance.


If you feel yourself unconfident and want to be guided by professional yoga teacher better to visit yoga studio in your city and speak with master or try one class. In most schools it’s free of charge.

If you are interested in authentic yoga practice it make sense to try yoga during retreat in india. Obstacles in yoga practice should not stop you to do it. The advantage is that you can get practice from real yoga masters, you will learn yoga as a science, that a concept of 8 limbs. It not only physical activity, you will see how to balance your mind with meditation and pranayama, how to remove emotional problems. Furthermore, most of retreats offer ayurvedic procedures that will improve your physical health for example yoga detox retreat .

Special ayurvedic herbs, pure vegetarian and purification practice will also eliminate toxins from your body, improve oxygenation of blood, regeneration of cells. You will not only look physically better but also will feel lighter your body, more energy inside you and better quality of sleep. You can keep continue. Every yoga posture and exercise have their modification and variation that’s way it can be done even by child or people with physical limitations.

Some people complain about insufficient time or find other obstacles in  yoga practice.  But in reality they spend more time by looking unnecessary info in media, speaking with neighbors … just make yoga your habit like teeth brush or taking shower. 30 min daily is possible to find by everyone, just try and you will see how magic effect of yoga will change your life, that surrounding people will be attracted by you, how obstacles will go away from you…

Why? Because of yoga practice your level of oxygen in blood will be higher, it improves cell regeneration and blood supplying of organs, it increased  level of prana or vital energy in body, that give you more stamina, resistance to diseases, ability to work and better concentration. People will see that you changed, you will be more charming and magnetic.

                obstacles yoga practice

For yoga lovers who want to make yoga their profession or learn deeper yoga as a vedic subject there are variety of yoga teacher trainings india for example in Rishikesh. Most popular of them are 200 and 300 hours . Don’t be afraid to take challenge and dive in yoga anatomy, ayurveda and yoga philosophy. It will help you to understand what effect has particular asana, mantra or bandha on the body parts and what practice you need to give by common diseases. Nobody will push you if you can not do the practice of advanced level and it will never influence on your certificate.

Even if you will be yoga teacher you will not perform all possible asanas in your class. Mostly you will have flow of 10-15 postures for 2  different groups. Important is that you know effect of asana, pranayama exercise or sanskrit mantra  and when to use them. After teacher training you will find your own style and perform it.

“Yoga is not my religion”

Please remember yoga is not a religion. Yes it was developed by Hindu culture but it based on Sanskrit. That is a language of all languages. The mantra is a code that you send to the universe to get desired effect (better health, remove financial problems,  improve family relations). In every language exist such kind of pray, so if you feel uncomfortable with Sanskrit mantra chanting don’t hesitate to use your own pray. Nobody will push you if you will not agree to following the mantra chanting according Indian style. Yoga respect all cultures and religions

obstacles yoga practice_

“I don’t know how to keep continue all what I learned in India”

This is also problem of many young yoga teachers. Better to make plan if you are going to teach yoga where? what level? what age category? Nowadays yoga teachers have good career options,  it is possible to find a place in the schools, rehabilitation centers, kindergartens, fitness studios, hospitals.

We can advice to make you one yoga class and make a video of it. Then you can see all mistakes and what to improve. Perform your class to your relatives or friends and check the feedback.

If you are not going to teach just make yoga a part of your day and do it even 30 min.

“I am not suitable for meditation”

Some people don’t like  meditation practice because of problems with concentration. Many students told when they go back home they have no possibility to relax and concentrate their mind on one point. We can advice very simple things

Take time on your free day where no need to run anywhere, make the atmosphere suitable for meditation (aroma lamp, candle, flowers, mediation music), feel maximum relax and safe yourself, put one beautiful picture of nature or person in front of your eyes and start to do trataka on it.  Slowly you will go deeper and deeper in this object in front of you and will be one with this. You will see like this object is alive and breath in tact of your breathing… Such kind of exercises can be performed even once a week but will bring you faster and deeper in meditation.

“I have to interrupt the practice and don’t know how to start then”

Interruption of practice or big pause after 200 hour of yoga teacher training. Many yoga followers stop to do yoga exercises for some time and then don’t know how to come back to it.

If you do yoga yourself try to look some video in internet, follow the teacher and implement some exercises of asana, pranayama and meditation in daily schedule.

 Another option is visit yoga training in Rishikesh India either retreat or teacher training.

If you feel you need deeper practice with some purification of emotional blockages we can advice to visit saint places like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri or Kailash. Even 3-5 days of silence and contact with nature have amazing healing effect. You will see how much better you feel yourself not only physically but you get also freedom from mental tensions

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