1. Water project 

Redox-potential negative water is an alive water that makes you younger & healthy

West side of the world has a popular belief that many antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving them their own electron.  As a result of such reaction they turn into a free radical, but weaker and not capable to do harm, and then by difficult biochemical transformations are brought out of the body.

Thus, it is quite possible to explain the mechanism of antioxidant effect of live water, considering its negative redox-potential, which indicates prevalence of reducing agents and, in particular, active negative hydrogen and electrons.

Redox-potential of live water (relatively in chlorine-silver electrode comparison) — from –350 to –500 mV.

For redox-potential measurement is used the ionomer device, unit of measure — millivolt. At measurement the device shows a certain numerical value with a plus or minus, so it is redox-potential of solution.

Human body — water solution

As it was already told above, redox-potential characterizes activity of reductants or oxidizers of any solution (that is ability of this solution to give or accept electrons).

Reductants and oxidizers are always present in any water solution (except distilled water).

Human body also is (as paradoxically it sounds) a striking example of difficult, live water solution.

We are water beings in the true sense of this word. Our body consists of water for 65%, a brain — for 85%, a vitreous body of an eye — for 99%. Blood contains 83% of water, in fatty tissue — 29%, in a skeleton — 22% and even in tooth enamel — 0,2%.

As in all water solutions there are oxidizers and reductants, we are (though it is very difficult to imagine it) a peculiar set of the oxidizers and reductants, which are constantly in interaction (reaction) with each other.

Thus, redox-potential plays huge role in our life. A role, which modern medicine yet not absolutely understood, but biologists and biophysics understand more and more.

Technical capabilities of redox-potential measurement in live organisms are still limited for many quite objective reasons. So, at measurement of blood or cell redox-potential it is impossible to avoid contact with oxygen of air and electrodes. Besides measurements should be conducted by introduction of electrodes and violation of fabric integrity that in itself distorts value of redox-potential. Perhaps, the fullest information on measurement and settlement data of blood and internal fabrics redox-potential contains in V. I. Prilutsky and V. M. Bakhir's book "Electrochemical activated water: abnormal properties, mechanism of biological effect" (Moscow, 1997).

Redox-potential for concrete oxidation-reductant couples is possible to calculate using Nernst's formula taking into account pH-indicator. These calculations gave for arterial blood with an indicator pH = 7,4 redox-potential theoretical value +200 mV, and for a venous blood about +150 mV (calculations are carried out in system of hydrogen potential).

Measurements by a hydrogen electrode are very inconvenient. Therefore around the world is used chlorine-silver electrodes, by means of which all measurements were carried out and results are given in this book are. For transition to this system from values of hydrogen system take away 201–207 mV depending on temperature. Transferring data of theoretically calculated values of redox-potential into habitual millivolts and system of chlorine-silver electrode, we receive:

· arterial blood has settlement redox-potential about-7 mV;

· venous blood has settlement redox-potential about-57 mV.

Settlements of blood redox-potential are confirmed by the measurements taken by group of scientists in Germany (Staller, Hoffman and others).

Redox-potential of the products

Not only "human solution" is characterized by redox-potential.

Each drinking liquid has redox-potential. So, together with liquid (water, juice, mineral water) we receive not only a set of vitamins, minerals or microcells, but oxidizers and reductants, protons and electrons.

And therefore widely known phrase "You are what you eat" from positions of modern science quite lawfully can replace with other statement: "You are what you drink".

I took more than one hundred measurements of drink redox-potential — so to speak, liquid food products. Measurements were taken by means of chlorine-silver electrode using GREISING firm ionomer

Redox-potential of Coca-Cola - 300±25 mV

Redox-potential of green tea with a vanilla additive — 85±10 mV

Redox-potential of tomato juice — 36±15 mV

Redox-potential of red wine — 49±15 mV

Redox-potentials ofsome products



Apple juice

+112±15 mV

Grape juice

+150±15 mV

Soluble "Neskafe" coffee

+70±15 mV

Tomato juice

+36±15 mV

Black tea

+65±15 mV

Green tea

+50±15 mV


+300+350 mV

5 percent acetic acid

+400±15 mV

Red wine

+50±15 mV

Tap water

+150+350 mV


Measurements show that drinks which we take have various redox-potential, giving an idea that oxidizers or reductants in it prevail. These measurements confirm already available knowledge: so, for example, antioxidant properties of green tea (it has quite low redox-potential) are widely known, red wine also possesses antioxidant properties and in small (attention!) quantities reduces risk of cardiovascular disease developing. Tomatoes possess antioxidant and antineoplastic properties (the lowest redox-potential among all liquids).

Redox-potential products differ depending on where they were made. Professor Hoffmann, one of German known authorities in the field of food redox-potential measurement , on the basis of one thousand measurements came to a conclusion that environmentally friendly juice, which in Germany designate as "bio", has lower redox-potential, than usual juice received I a result of mass production.

We are doing the OVR measurment of the water to find the proper water in Himalya that can be considered as living water and can be helpful by treating some diseases and increase the vitality. We will publish our results in 2018. 

2. Plant your own nakshatra tree

The Indian astrology is based on the concept of Nakshatras (Constellations) and Rashis (as per moon signs). There are in all 27 Nakshatras present in a year and every individual has a Nakshatra assigned to him/her depending on the date and time on which he/she is born (the tithi). 

Every Nakshatra has a symbolic tree or plant that defines its connection with eternal nature. In our Indian culture there was a tradition that whenever a baby is born in someone’s home, that person was supposed to plant a tree of the same Nakshatra on which the baby was born. The person was supposed to take care of the tree as his child because it was believed that the more good and healthy the tree will grow, it will prosper more health and happiness to the child.

According to yoga philosophy tree is a source of prana and this prana is a life energy. If we plant our nakshatra tree and take care about it defenetely we will be healthy, our life will be more happy and troublesless. 

We provide Information abot your nakshatra tree free of charge. Send us email on with your name, date, place & time of birth that we can give you info about the tree. Most of the tries are available in your country. 

3. Volunteering 

We are oferring volunteering work whole the year. Here is the types of work where you can help:

-kitchen - helping during cooking prozess, you can also learn how to cook indian, ayurvedic, yogic food

-cleaning - you can help by cleaning the territory of the ayurvedic garden, rooms, yoga hall

-painting - you can help by painting on the outside and inside of the center 

-management of the reception

During the whole volununteering work we provide oyu free of charge the participation in most popular yoga classes. Food and accomodation can be also given free of charge but need to be discussed with us about availability before arriving.