Dr. Swati (Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Specialist)

Dr Swati Rawat

Physician, specialist in Internal Medicine

Dr Swati is a Yoga Teacher, ayurveda specialist 

Period Achievements
1984  Born
1992-2002 Secondary school Jaipur
2002-2008 Graduation as a doctor, Lucnow University
2008-2011 Graduation as a Specialist in internal medicine, Lucnow University
Since 2011 Starts to practice yoga
Since 2011 Work as a medical doctor in Haridwar
2015-2017 Education for Ayurveda medical doctor Kerala
2017 Certified yoga teacher according yoga alliance USA , 200 Hours, visit of spiritual himalayan places Badrinath, Kedarnath, meet Master Dr Pandey Ji 
Notes Speaks english, sanskrit,  hindi.

My aim as a teacher to guide the student gently in his educational way, not disturb but at the same time show the beauty of vedic science for someone who wants to change his life in order to connect with himself.