Top healthy foods to increase weight fast

Sometimes gaining weight or adding muscles can be as difficult as losing weight for others. By adding certain foods to your diet it can make your weight gain efforts more effective & healthy. Here we are sharing about some best foods that help you to gain weight or muscles in healthy way.

top healthy food to increase weight fast

1. Protein smoothies made in home

drinking homemade protein smoothies can be very much nutritious and helpful to gain weight quickly. Like chocolate banana nut shake, caramel apple shake, vanilla blueberry shake, chocolate hazelnut shake, super green shake

All of these smoothies provide around 400-600 calories and high amount of protein and vitamins & minerals.


milk provides a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats. It is also an excellent source of calcium & vitamins and minerals. Studies have found that milk can lead to greater mass gain than any other protein sources.

3. Rice

:- rice provides carbs to our body that are easy to consume & digest. Although extremely large amounts may not be wise because of their potential arsenic and physic acid content.

4. Nuts and nut butter

nuts and nut butter are high-calorie treats. They are great for you & easy to add many different snacks or dishes.

5. Starches and proteins

healthy starches are a good way to get important nutrients & fibre, boost your calories intake they help you to increase your muscle glycogen stores.

8. Protein supplements

protein supplements are a simple and affordable addition in your meal to increase your protein intake.

9. whole grain bread

whole grain bread provides carb to the body to gain weight. Whenever we purchase bread, purchase whole grain & seeded breads.i.e Ezekiel bread are available in the most grocery stores.

10. Dried fruit

dried fruits provides us calories, healthy fibre, and antioxidants. It is an easy way to add calories and nutrients to you meal.

11. Healthy cereals

when you purchase cereals, focus on healthy choice i.e oats, granola, multi grains, bran, Ezekiel.

12. Cereal bars

 cereals bars are a good choice before and after a training session since they tend to contain a mix of slow and fast digesting carbs. Such as natural yogurt, cold cuts of meat, boiled eggs or protein shake.

13. Dark chocolates

dark chocolates are a great source of antioxidants and nutrients along with much calories so it helps you to gain weight.

14. Cheese

 cheese contains high calories and fats like dark chocolates so it is also a large source of protein.

15. Healthy oils and fats

healthy fats and oils are one of the most calories food we found on earth. A tablespoon (15ml) of oil in your meal can quickly add 135 calories in your diet.These above food and detail will definitely help you to gain weight and you will improve your health and appearance too at the same time.

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