Vedansha Blog

Vedansha Blog is a unique instrument of development of our organisation. Blog gives us opportunity to share our knowledge, experience, news to our clients. Mainly blog is designed for information to our clients regarding new things in our work, as well as post of new articles, study  materials, information of continuing education for our students.

The basic principle of education with blogs publishing includes variety of topics in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Vastu shastra, our own research data and main world wide known information in yoga development.

The main focus on yoga includes following categories (asana theory, alignment, adjustment, yoga anatomy and body bio mechanics, kinetics, yoga philosophy, pranayama, breathing techniques, concentration and meditation). In ayurveda we explore the topics of health lifestyle according ancient vedic science, herbalism, ayurvedic massage techniques, oil, powder, skimmed milk treatments. In vedic astrology we try to explain for which purpose is necessary to understand the astrology chart, how to correct the changes with the help of mantra, stones, asana, pranayama and meditation. In vastu tradition we try to make people aware about difference of Vastu and Pheng Shui, how to set up and build house according to vastu tradition.

The most important part of Vedansha blog is refereed to yoga teachers. After competition of 200, 300 hours of yoga alliance it is necessary to continue the education for deeper and more individual understanding of clients requirements in  yoga subject.

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