The top yoga poses to increase metabolism and lose weight

What does metabolism mean?

Metabolism is the organic and chemical processes inside of organisms that are necessary to maintain life, in other words, we can say that how quickly you burn calories or fat. The chemical processes that let you remain alive are an example of metabolism.

How does yoga help to reduce weight?

When you practice yoga, it may help you to develop muscle tone and improve metabolism in your body. Even restorative yoga is not an especially physical type of yoga but it still helps in weight-reducing .according to research its found that restorative yoga had been helping overweight women to lose their weight. Yoga is effective in different ways to bring about a healthy weight.

The top yoga poses to lose weight

1 plank:- holding a plank is one of the best yoga postures to strengthen your it one should draw his heels and top of your head in the opposite direction and should keep chest moving forward between your arms.

2.veerbhadrasana B:- to get in this posture try to bend your front knee so your thigh is parallel to the ground. And try to hold this position as long as you can.

3.veerbhadrasana C:- It is a very good way to strengthen your back, legs, and arms. The longer you can hold this posture the more your butt would get the benefit.

4.Trikonasana:- practicing trikonasana build more muscle and burn more fat. twisting motion of trikonasana helps to improve digestion and reduce fat deposits of the belly.

5.Adhomukha savasana: -This asana goes from a resting pose to a radical way to give strength to your back, arms, and thighs.

yoga poses to increase metabolism

How can yoga increase metabolism

 yoga ‘s well-documented methods do promote health and can lose weight and burn calories. it also helps to reduce stress and boost metabolism. Yoga ‘s powerful stimulating & strengthening effect on the endocrine organs and thus can boost metabolism to burn calories. twisting like twist lunge, prayer twist, massaging the endocrine and abdominal organs, etc boost metabolism.Although yoga is not quick but it can be an excellent long-term approach to increase metabolism which burns more calories and you lose weight.

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