Yoga Retreat FAQs

What is a difference between yoga retreat and yoga teacher training?

Ans: Yoga retreat is less challengeable practice  that has less amount of classes (5) instead 7 in yoga TTC. Hatha & Ashtanga has aim of learning the postures that can be used in your daily life. The teacher training sequence will be not offered.

yoga retreat FAQs
What is yoga retreat ?

Ans: Combination of relax program and yoga practice that will help you to balance your body and mind. The aim of yoga retreat rejuvenation, improving of body energy reserve and general health.

Does yoga retreat suitable for everyone?

Ans: Yoga retreat program created by the way that can be followed by everyone (young, old and people with physical limitations).

What types of yoga retreat you offer?

Ans:  We offer variety of programs that focused on particular points. Ayurveda & yoga retreat, detox retreat, female retreat, kundalini retreat, budget retreat, Christmas yoga retreat, vipassana retreat , reiki retreat.

You can send inquiry to our consultant and get detailed explanation about every program (vedanshayoga@gmail.com)

What is main difference between all these retreat programs?

Ans: The main difference in package. In some programs you will have specific classes like female retreat, kundalini. In some like Detox, Ayurveda your package includes herbal, ayurvedic, massage therapy.

Can I teach yoga after yoga retreat?

Ans: No, after yoga retreat if you have no yoga alliance USA or any other certificate of yoga teacher you can not teach others. But if you already have yoga instructor diploma and experience the information and experience that you got from retreat can be also integrated in your practice.

Is it safe to travel alone to yoga retreat?

Ans: Yes, generally it’s safe. Rishikesh is a quite and relative secure place. If you will wear modest clothes and behave yourself politely without aggressively intention nothing bad can be happened.

Do I need a yoga experience to participate in retreat?

Ans:  You no need to have any yoga experience to participate in yoga retreat. We teach yoga from very basic level that beginners can follow without problems.

Do I have enough free time during the retreat?

Ans: Yes you will have time for taking massage, walk in the city or just relax.

Do I will get special meal during the retreat?

Ans:  The meal during yoga retreat is pure vegetarian or vegan. We take care about food  quality and offer only fresh cooked menu. In some programs like detox retreat , Ayurveda & yoga retreat we add supplemental herbal treatment, medicated juices according to doctor prescription.


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