9 Diseases You Will Learn In Yoga Therapy Training Rishikesh, India

9 Diseases You Will Learn In Yoga Therapy Training Rishikesh, India

Yoga therapy Rishikesh India considered nowadays place of knowledge and wisdom that contains power of Himalaya, Tibet and holistic way of transformation.  Born from yoga and formed with modern knowledge, yoga therapy is gaining momentum in today’s world. This type of therapy uses yoga meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery, postures, ayurveda tools to improve physical and mental health. The holistic focus and modern knowledge of yoga therapy encourage the integration of body mind and soul. A yoga therapy  Rishikesh India covers a range of modalities which incorporated both psychotherapy and physical therapy. It also teaches you how to use yoga therapy to improve your health issues. Here are some of the disease you can treat using yoga therapy.

Depression and anxiety

Depression is a common condition that most people deal with at some point in life. Through focused medication and other techniques, your therapy students in Rishikesh will learn how to treat this condition. The potential benefits of yoga therapy class include posture and meditation techniques for stress reduction and psychological well-being.

Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)

PTSD is a common reaction to a stressful and traumatic event. The condition can be severe or not depending on the amount of trauma and stress you are undergoing. Yoga therapy is a safe and successful way of treating this condition.

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Children with autism or special needs

If you want to help children with autism or any other special needs, enrolling in a yoga therapy class in Rishikesh is the first step to achieving your goal. It impacts you with the knowledge and skills needed for helping these kids.

Schizophrenia and other severe mental health issues

Yoga therapy Rishikesh India have developed treatment and other modalities to suit anyone fighting schizophrenia. Typically recognized as the disintegration of emotional responsiveness and thinking process, yoga therapy postures, guided imagery, and meditation can help improve a person’s social skills and develop higher self-esteem. It also helps in fighting delusions and hallucinations. You will get to learn all the techniques and much more.

Self-confidence and anger management

Dealing with people with low self-esteem and anger issues can be tough. There are several yoga therapy modalities you will learn in Rishikesh that can help you help people with these issues including kids.


Obesity can be due to eating disorders, hormonal imbalance or malfunction and endocrine malfunction. Yoga has therapeutic benefits that help prevent obesity-related diseases and reduce obesity. Learning yoga postures and techniques is the best way to help someone dealing with obesity.


Yoga therapy is an effective way of addressing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Some of the practice you will learn is proper food for someone fighting diabetes, living in organic lifestyles, and yoga exercise to help prevent diabetes from developing further.


Cancer patients and survivors can find relief from yoga posture and other practice you will learn from attending a yoga therapy class in Rishikesh. In these classes, you will get to learn the healing power of yoga therapy and other techniques that will diminish the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Techniques that will increase life force.

Arthritis and joint points

Yoga breathing techniques, meditation, and asanas can help joint pain, back, and neck pain, among other things. It is acknowledged as a way of boosting your physical health and work to improve arthritis symptoms and other symptoms.

Other diseases that you will learn how to treat once you attend a yoga therapy training in Rishikesh include controlling blood pressure, asthma, and substance abuse issues. There is a range of formats you will learn that will help in identifying health problems, creating and plan of treatment and assess physical and lifestyles capabilities. You will also get to discuss the reasons for using yoga therapy and establish ways to deal with different patients.

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